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Testimonials from my clients.

Over the years many of my clients have sent me emails and testimonials that are worth sharing! Below are just a few:

"Ingrid’s assets are her creativity, her professionalism and willingness to go the extra mile. She has captured the essence of me in my website so that when people come to it, they are ready to get started. She is always professional and timely in all that she does. Ingrid looks into what works best for you and researches lots of extra ways to make your site the best. Thanks Ingrid! You are so much of the reason for my success."
— Ellen
Certified Professional Organizer

"Ingrid, You not only are a creative designer, you are a counselor, advisor, friend and extremely patient!!!”
— Gail
Teaches Lifesaving Skills in CPR, Basic First Aid and AED Courses to employees, corporations, health care providers, educators in public or private schools.
American Heart Association Authorized Training Center

"Ingrid helped me realize my vision of my website. She patiently guided me every step of the way and provided excellent work at a reasonable cost. I have received compliments from my clients and my colleagues about my site and I have referred them without reservation to Ingrid.”
— Dr. Kate Walker, Ph.D.
Licensed Professional Counselor Supervisor and a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

"With only a vision of having the most impressive ‘landscaping website a person could find’, and a desire to have our website truly represent who we are, we turned our project over to Ingrid. From there, she guided us along the way, and took the initiative to turn our vision into reality. While we provided the content, Ingrid performed the research, designed the layout, composed the wording and organized the graphics to create what we believe is an outstanding end-product. She did all this in a very economical way, continually demonstrating creativity, professionalism, a sense of urgency and patience while also striving hard to achieve the utmost in customer satisfaction. We would highly recommend her for any website development project."
— Ron Brown, Yards Birds, Inc.
Yard Birds Inc.
Landscape Design & Installation Services

"All week, I have been receiving nice comments about the site. The comments are random from different friends both male and female from around the world, from secretaries to presidents. I am starting to feel that we are getting close to devolving a word class site. Thank you for help and cooperation."
— Gordon
Engineering Expert Witness Services, Consulting Engineering and Inspection Services

"Thanks for always being so timely with things I ask you to do. You have GREAT response time – and that means great customer service. I’d recommend you to anyone!"
— Nancy
Certified Professional Organizer

"What is really going to increase my business is the absolutely wonderful website you made for me!! i love it!"
— Julie
Certified Professional Organizer

"I am so excited to see the book - website - training guide - EVERYTHING - happening. It is the most exciting experience and I am loving every second of it.

Thank you Ingrid for making the website so beautiful. I really love it."
— Sheila
Written about loving parent and child relationships through messages of love, respect and caring.

"Every time I look at the site, it makes me smile. Charlotte’s illustrations look fabulous online, and Ingrid, I loved how you integrated the existing artwork with the look/feel/colors. A very happy site! And everyone needs reasons to smile these days!"
— Dee Dee
Marketing Advisor for
A resource for families struggling to communicate their feelings.

"You are an angel!
This project was a true test on my patience and frustation level. It always gives me a chance to practice what I preach. There were times I really didn't think it was possible. This project sets the bar higher for me, thanks to your encouragement and help. I now know what a URL and tag line is, amoung a couple of other new things ... EXCITED! EXCITED! EXCITED! I now can go on foot and start handing out business cards and tell them to check our website out! With much humility and gratefulness, I have appreciated every moment of your patience."
— Linda
Licensed Professional Counselor, The Woodlands Texas

"Ingrid ‘reads between the lines’ and ‘hears’ what isn’t said when she works with her clients. She captured the essence of what I hoped to communicate to my clients through her design ideas for my logo and website. Ingrid is easy to work with and always professional. I truly enjoyed the entire process and learned so much from her. I am looking forward to working with Ingrid on all of my future website updates and facelifts."
— Maria Rafferty, M.A., LPC, LMFT
Family Therapy - Individuals, Couples, Family

"I am so excited about this. I was thinking the other day, this has been such an important thing for me to finish and get online. Thank you so much for all of your hard work and making the idea a reality. You haven’t heard the last from me."
— Kate
Resources for Helping Your Teen with Serious Issues


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