ION Graphics Questionnaire.
Below is a web design questionnaire that helps open communications and thoughts for developing a web site that represents your business well. Your web site should be your online brochure — your online identity. Please fill in all * Required Fields.
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1. What are the goals for the web site? What needs to be achieved?

2. Is “cutting edge” preferred over “lowest common denominator”? Keep in mind that while most people are viewing at the same level of technology, not all browsers have the capability to see the latest and greatest technology.

3. What is the most important element of a web site to you?

4. Who is your target audience?

5. Do you need a logo designed or re-designed?

6. Do you have a preferred color scheme? (Exact RGB or hex numbers?)

7. How many pages do you think site will need? Ex: Homepage, about us, contact us, articles, products organized in sections, merchandise descriptions, policy & terms?

8. Do you need an online email form?

9. Do you need an online store or purchase capabilities? (Future item?) If so, how many items? Shopping Cart/Credit Card Payments?

10. Will you supply text content and photo content? Will you be able to email text content as a .txt or .doc files and images as .jpg file?

11. Any features on other sites that might work for your site?

12. Any features you don't care to use?

13. Will you need animations? Flash?

14. Do you need a database designed/programmed?

15. Do you foresee your budget limiting what can be accomplished with this project?

16. Time frame for designing and implementing the web site? Do you have a target date?

17. Who are your competitors?

18. Any associations we can link from to your site?

19. Do you need a Domain Name or Domain Transfer?

20. Do you need web hosting for your domain? Are you happy with your present web host?

21. Will the basic registration process with the Internet Search Engines be adequate, or will extended services be required? Google AdWords, PPC, etc.

22. In order to create your site to allow for future additions, what do you envision future updates to include?

23. How did you find us? Did someone recommend us?


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